ISO Ratings — GREAT NEWS!!!

As of February 1st, 2018:  MRFD’s PPC rating (Public Protection Classification) has improved to a straight 4/10!


For the Missoula Rural Fire District, the ISO rating is now based on ONE major category: distance from the closest responding fire station!
  • If a property is in our district AND within 5-miles from a fire station:  then the property can have our lowest –and best– ISO rating of a “4”!
  • If a property is in our district and has a distance of MORE than 5-miles from a fire station:  that property will have an automatic ISO rating of a “10.”


This is very exciting news!  MRFD has been striving to improve the quality of our service!  As of 2/1/2018:  we no longer have the fire hydrant requirement for property owners to receive the improved ISO rating!  This should positively affect over 10,000 address points within our jurisdiction!