Car Seat Safety

Missoula Rural Fire District is proud to be a member of the Safe Kids Coalition for Missoula County. We offer free car seat checks on a monthly basis, typically on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

Our address is 2521 South Ave W, Missoula, MT  59804. The station is on the corner of South Ave and Reserve St, near the Community Medical hospital. When coming in for a car seat fitting, please pull into the parking lot and drive around to the back of the building. You will then be guided into the bay for your appointment.

MRFD conducts car seat inspections and installations during our monthly car seat events, typically on the second Saturday of every month. If you need a car seat installed on a different day, here are some other resources:

  • Drive Safe Missoula – Steve Schmidt: (406) 258-3880
  • Safe Kids Montana – Kira Huck: (406) 926-2522
  • Frenchtown Fire – (several technicians on staff): (406) 626-5791

The Missoula County Health Department provides free car seats (subject to needs and availability).  Call (406) 258-3880 for more information.

To Schedule Your Installation or Inspection, Please Call: (406) 549-6172

2023 Car Seat Event Schedule

  • 1/14/2023
  • 2/11/2023
  • 3/11/2023
  • 4/8/2023
  • 5/13/2023
  • 6/10/2023
  • 7/8/2023
  • 8/12/2023
  • 9/23/2023
  • 10/14/2023
  • 11/11/2023
  • 12/9/2023