MRFD provides the community with the following services:


Fire Suppression    

Firefighters respond to both structural fires and wildfires in the urban, suburban, and rural areas around Missoula. MRFD has also helped support wildland suppression efforts around the country by sending engines and water tenders where they are needed.





Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Firefighter/EMTs are trained in both basic life support and advanced EMS skills.  Medical calls make up nearly 50% of our response.



rescue-responseRescue Response

Firefighters are trained to respond to rope, water, trench, and confined space rescues.






hazmatHazardous Materials Response

MRFD Firefighter/EMTs are trained to respond to emergencies involving a full range of hazardous materials, at both the operations and the technician level. MRFD is part of the Missoula Regional HazMat Team, which is one of only six teams in the state qualified to provide Hazardous Materials mitigation response.



fire-investigationFire Investigation

MRFD personnel investigate fire scenes to determine the origin and cause of structural fires and wildfires.





preventionFire Prevention and Life Safety

In conjunction with the Missoula County Fire Protection Association, MRFD helped deliver the match safety program to 1,378 first graders and presented the Firefighter Frank Puppet fire safety show for nearly 1,600 kindergarten students in the Missoula Community in 2016. The programs teach the following:  Stop Drop and Roll, Home Fire Drills, Stay Low and Crawl Under Smoke to escape, match safety, and home fire safety rules.


Wildfire Risk Reduction

  • MRFD assists rural residents within the district in taking steps to protect their land and structures from wildfires before fires start. The Fuel Mitigation Crew worked through the summer in the community helping homeowners in the District to reduce the fuels around their homes and make their properties safer and more resistive to wildfire.  The program cuts brush and thins trees on a property to produce defensible space around homes in the wildland urban interface. MRFD crews help 30 to 35 property owners each year with these projects, utilizing grant funding and homeowner matching funds to provide the work.

For more information on this program, please visit Wildfire Risk Reduction‘s page.


Car Seat Fittings

  • MRFD hosts monthly car seat events at which hundreds of families have had the car seats for their children inspected, or securely installed, at no charge. In 2021, MRFD helped fit over 70 car seats and hosted 8 children’s car seat fitting events, which showed parents and guardians how to correctly fit their children’s car seat into their vehicles.